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Tahoe   Dreamin'

I have visited Lake Tahoe many many times....being an active adult in the prime of my life who has gone to Lake Tahoe for many reasons and since my first visit was as a small child in 1964, I went camping there with my best friend and her family in their Volkswagen van.....we were surrounded by tall tall trees, like nothing I had ever experienced. The smell of the mountain air and the blueness of the Lake linger still in my memory. But since then, I have experienced the Lake area in more ways than just camping and feeling the place wrap its arms around me naturally I have spent a number of hours in the luxurious casinos trying to win my fortune, seeing shows put on by famous musicians and comedians, on my 30th birthday by pulling up in front and letting the valet take the car to park, but not until we all worked frantically to get the locked doors open as we had left the keys inside the ignition with the engine running, as the sign had instructed, however we also have always observed the lock your car rules as well! My friend won $40 dollars on the roulette wheel as we entered the restaurant so dinner was free! Huge mountains, hiking the canyons above Squaw valley in summer, looking for elusive Lake Shirley up high in the hills, the trail being marked only by piles of three rocks here and there, the only problem was that sometimes there were many piles in many places at once!! so, therefore we get to enjoy the wonderous joy of the multitude of waterfalls and the stream and the rock creek beds once again someday in ther future! Enter the world of the Truckee River and borrow a nice rubber raft from the folks there at the mouth of the river, go ahead, take even your smallest baby with you as even in the wettest years, the river is a gently rolling avenue of fun, with places to stop along the way and swim in waist high water and pass under low bridges and sense the wonder of the mountains that surround you as you pass through. Romantically, there is no other place on earth so peaceful and gorgeous that you can hold your loved one and promise that person all the peace in the world....Cabins are nestled among pines and hug the sides of the lake, blue blue waters invade Emerald Bay and help you to realize that if you could not see the beauty of one thing in the world, you would after seeing this sight, change your mind forever......Dip down into the valley from the east side sometime and witness the huge drop of blue water all snuggled deep inside it's indentation on this earth and you will breathe deeply and drive all the way around the edge and find any type of view and activity that may interest you. Chefs from all over the world have placed themselves inside restaurants that surround this gem, try going up to Harrah's Seafood Buffet on Friday night about sunset from the 17th floor you will witness heaven! And the food, it melts inside your soul, from the all you can eat filet mignon that melts in your mouth, to the delicate desserts that you make sure you save room for....each bite is gorgeous and savory, no regrets here! Perhaps that could be a second name for Lake Tahoe? No Regrets.... Contact us:

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