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Yukon Poetry- "The Face on the Bar Room Floor" by H.A. D'Arey: Complete Poem text This was a favorite of Robert Service
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Gold Panning in California Gold Country:
California Gold Country: Historic Sites, Spectacular Scenery:
The Virtual California Gold Country:
Yukon Poetry- "The Spell of the Yukon": Complete text of the poem by Robert Service-You'll have to click the link on this page
California Gold Rush-150 years:
The Gold Pan: How to pan, what you need etc....
The Discovery of Gold in California:
Gold Mining Terms and Methods:
Bodie-A California Gold Mining Ghost Town:
Find a home
Headlines_Enemy of Gold Mining in California Holds Summit to END MINING!!!!: Holding it right in the heart of the gold country, read well into this lengthy article to see how they are plotting to ruin mining!....
Gold Prospector's Association of America: Prospector's sites, magazine, outdoor activities, membership information.
Kitco Precious Metals: Live Market Quotes, Gold buying/Selling, Assays.
High Sierra Gold Country Visit: Great spot to link to recreation in California Gold Country!
Mining claims and sites on Federal lands: Links to state BLM sites for further info
California BLM mining claim information:
California Gold mining links:
Chronological History of the Original 16 to One Mine: Allegheny, California Kanaka Creek area
California's Gold Rush - 150 Years:
California Sequicentennial Calendar of Events-2000:
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From the first time 150 years ago, that John A. Marshall bent over the mill race in Coloma, California in 1849 and saw gold in it, until today, people have been interested in coming to California to find the elusive and gorgeous mineral, GOLD! It makes your heart race to think you might be on the verge of finding some of it, or a lot of it. It is not totally predictable to the novice where to find it, or how to extract it from the clutches of earth, but after visiting a few of these links you should be able to know more about the history of the search for gold, and the ability to either pan for it, or dig for it. Every year, more gold is found than in almost any previous year, it is firmly believed in California the ultimate cache of gold from which all the other previously gold found thus far is still hidden deep inside or atop some high peak of the Sierra Mountains......With each new snow runoff, there appears even more gold, and each year the value of it climbs as well. In order to appreciate the value of gold, imagine that it remains the only true way of measuring the wealth of a country. It is bought and sold as a pure metal to this day, in much the same way it was back in the days of the gold prospectors and miners of the 1850's. Many people have begun their search for it and have been easily delusioned by the hard work and small reward behind it, yet some are driven toward the dream that someday they could be that person who unearths the heavy nugget that is worth more sometimes as a specimen than as an ingot. When that first notation was set forth in John Marshall's journal the night he found "goald" in John Sutter's mill on the American River. You can read here about the rogue himself, John A. Sutter, a man perhaps driven from his homeland far away in Switzerland, who wheeled and dealed his way into land grants and who spirited people into his pipe dreams, of building a city on a river that flowed into a delta (Sacramento today), that flowed into the bay at San Francisco. You can learn to identify the difference between real gold and fool's gold. Where to dig for it. How to handle the pan, what sort of pan is best to use, and what other implements that could be helpful, dredges, when and where you can use them, how and where to file a claim. All this information and more is available to you at this site. Thanks for stopping in, and good luck to you!

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We are a group of native Californians who wish to preserve the history and the memory of our forefathers who worked many hard years to mine and pan gold from the gorgeous Sierra Mountains....hope that once you to come to our area and experience the beauty of the land you too will love the land and the history and nature that abound here......Contact us if you wish to have more information on upcoming special events, or if you would like to add your site to our list of links .... Thanks so much for visiting us today! :) Contact us