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Weblinks to other Women in the construction trade

Women's Firsts in the Military-and other accomplishments: Newest Feature story
CEE NEWS Magazine online Headline story-Women in Construction: (One story is about me, your webmaster) blush Read about women who have survived and successfully worked in the construction field for years
Veronica Rose-Who’s Who in Networking: November 2000 cover story-Woman-owned electrical business
Luce Gregoire is a first year apprentice electrician: British Columbia
Book-"Unlocking the Clubhouse" by Jane Margolis: When there were no opportunities for women in the sciences, it was assumed they had no aptitude for the work.
"Why So Slow?"-Book by Virginia Valian: A scholarly and convincing explanation of women's slow progress in the professions
and ain't i a woman?: Women, unions and discrimination: After a safety incident, where a rag in a worker's pocket nearly pulled him into a fan, I decided to do something about my ill-fitting clothes.
OSHA Official site: Women in construction workplace-Equitable safety
National Association of Women in the Trades: A great resource for us!
Virtual Gender: Technology, Consumption and Identity Matters: Book-Women--Effect of technological advances on.
Dept of Education: Grants and Loans for everyone
US Dept of Labor: Women's Bureau Page
Women Electrician: Training for Schools
Women's Wire-Work Channel: Start a Business and Get Ahead in Your Career
Women Into Trades: And Technology-WITT
"New Collar Workers Needed" in New Millenium: Women Needed for Upcoming Labor Shortages
Women and Non-Traditional Employment: One-Stop Style
Industry in Capital Schools to pitch Construction Careers: Article dated April 1999
Electrican Dot Com: Electrical INFO INFO INFO
London-based Women In Construction: Lots of good "How they do it" Info!
National Women in Construction: Link to them
Oregon Tradeswomen: Lots of links for all of USA!
"Blue Collar Women Trailblazing Women take Men Only Jobs": Book-Great Inside Thoughts
"Alone in a Crowd-Women in Trades Tell Their Story": Book about more experiences in our trade.
"A Mouthful of Rivets": Book-Wonderful depiction of the brave women who worked during the war in "Men's Jobs"
"We'll Call You If We Need You": Book- Women working construction have more obstacles.
"Bitter Choices": Book- check out the description on the link.
"Pioneering:Poems from the Construction Site": Book of applicable poetry-written by a tradeswoman
"The Business Journal"--newspaper reprint from 1997....: "Electrical Union Looks to Recruit More Women"
Workplace Solutions: The Assessment Process:Presenting Nontraditional Career Options To Women
Workplace Solutions: Myths and Facts About Women in Nontraditional Occupations
Social Security Administration: What every woman should know
Major Electric Inc.: WBE Woman Owned Business in Tucson, Az.
Seattle Times article: "Busy Builders Recruiting women...."
9 Women in Construction stories: St. Louis Business Journal
Institute for Women in Trades, Technology and Science: IWITTS is dedicated to integrating women into nontraditional......
Craft Hotline: Links to all craftsman and their interests
"Hard-Hatted Women": Book- Women oriented construction stories
Laying the Foundation:
$$Tech Careers to consider:
Blue Collar Gal: A female electrician woman's Personal Story
Featured Link- Woman Owned Electrical Contractor: Cattaneo Electric- "What it's like"
Women's Wire: Women into Trades and Technology
Trades women organization: Northern California site under construction
Pro Head Hunters: Seeking Women Executives
Carhartt & Levis Clothing - Clothing for the Whole Family :
Georgia Boots dot com: Why should guys get all the breaks when it comes to functional footwear?
Canadian Construction Women: Thanks ladies-A mirror image of my site. I am honored.
Next Step Magazine: The Next Step magazine for high school students who want more
Women Electricians: Things to Know
Woman Electrician Sparks Curiosity: Newspaper Article
Electrician: What it's Like
Women's Work Boots and Steel Toe Boots:
Electrician's Guide to Conduit Bending: Very handy and must-have book!-by Richard A. Cox
National Electric Code 2002: book-The single most important reference in the electrical industry.
IBEW JATC: Electrician Training IBEW Local 180 Vallejo, California
Women For Hire Website: Employers and Employees Network and View Career Fairs Countrywide!
California Conference for Women in the Trades: Held May 5, 2002-more information here
Synergy Books, ebooks online: One of our sisters has written an ebook about what it's like out there in the sheetmetal world, I can't wait to read this!
Humor: Sign
Book-"Cool Careers for Girls in Construction": Loads of information for future construction ladies
Women's Skillshare- Berkeley California:
Apprenticeship USA: Links to get you connected to your new trade
Women Earning Respect in the construction industry: Strictly Business News Article
Women of WW II: WAC's arriving at Normandy 1944
Career Options for Women: Canada