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Weblinks to other Women in the construction trade

Women at Ground Zero : September 11 tome: by Mary Carouba and Susan Hagen/Book
California Conference for Women in the Trades: May 5, 2002-more information here
CEE NEWS Magazine online Headline story-Women in Construction: Read about women who have survived and successfully worked in the construction field for years
Rosie the Rubber Worker : Women Workers in Akron's Rubber Factories During World War II: by Kathleen L. Endres/Book
Apprenticeship USA: Links to get you connected to your trade
Book-"Unlocking the Clubhouse" by Jane Margolis: When there were no opportunities for women in the sciences, it was assumed they had no aptitude for the work.
"Why So Slow?"-Book by Virginia Valian: A scholarly and convincing explanation of women's slow progress in the professions
and ain't i a woman?: Women, unions and discrimination: After a safety incident, where a rag in a worker's pocket nearly pulled him into a fan, I decided to do something about my ill-fitting clothes.
OSHA Official site: Women in construction workplace-Equitable safety
National Association of Women in the Trades: A great resource for us!
Virtual Gender: Technology, Consumption and Identity Matters: Book-Women--Effect of technological advances on.
Dept of Education: Grants and Loans for everyone
US Dept of Labor: Women's Bureau Page
Women Electrician: Training for Schools
Women's Wire-Work Channel: Start a Business and Get Ahead in Your Career
Women Into Trades: And Technology-WITT
"New Collar Workers Needed" in New Millenium: Women Needed for Upcoming Labor Shortages
Women and Non-Traditional Employment: One-Stop Style
Industry in Capital Schools to pitch Construction Careers: Article dated April 1999
Electrican Dot Com: Electrical INFO INFO INFO
London-based Women In Construction: Lots of good "How they do it" Info!
National Women in Construction: Link to them
Oregon Tradeswomen: Lots of links for all of USA!
"Blue Collar Women Trailblazing Women take Men Only Jobs": Book-Great Inside Thoughts
"Alone in a Crowd-Women in Trades Tell Their Story": Book about more experiences in our trade.
"A Mouthful of Rivets": Book-Wonderful depiction of the brave women who worked during the war in "Men's Jobs"
"We'll Call You If We Need You": Book- Women working construction have more obstacles.
"Bitter Choices": Book- check out the description on the link.
"Pioneering:Poems from the Construction Site": Book of applicable poetry-written by a tradeswoman
"The Business Journal"--newspaper reprint from 1997....: "Electrical Union Looks to Recruit More Women"
Workplace Solutions: The Assessment Process:Presenting Nontraditional Career Options To Women
Workplace Solutions: Myths and Facts About Women in Nontraditional Occupations
Social Security Administration: What every woman should know
Major Electric Inc.: WBE Woman Owned Business in Tucson, Az.
Seattle Times article: "Busy Builders Recruiting women...."
9 Women in Construction stories: St. Louis Business Journal
Institute for Women in Trades, Technology and Science: IWITTS is dedicated to integrating women into nontraditional......
Craft Hotline: Links to all craftsman and their interests
"Hard-Hatted Women": Book- Women oriented construction stories
Laying the Foundation:
$$Tech Careers to consider:
Blue Collar Gal: A female electrician woman's Personal Story
Featured Link- Woman Owned Electrical Contractor: Cattaneo Electric- "What it's like"
Women's Wire: Women into Trades and Technology
Trades women organization: Northern California site under construction
Pro Head Hunters: Seeking Women Executives
Carhartt & Levis Clothing - Clothing for the Whole Family :
Georgia Boots dot com: Why should guys get all the breaks when it comes to functional footwear?
Canadian Construction Women: Thanks ladies-A mirror image of my site. I am honored.
Next Step Magazine: The Next Step magazine for high school students who want more
Women Electricians: Things to Know
Woman Electrician Sparks Curiosity: Newspaper Article
Electrician: What it's Like
Women's Work Boots and Steel Toe Boots:
Electrician's Guide to Conduit Bending: Very handy and must-have book!-by Richard A. Cox
National Electric Code 2002: book-The single most important reference in the electrical industry.
IBEW JATC: Electrician Training IBEW Local 180 Vallejo, California

March is Women's History Month- Let's all become more aware of our proud beginnings! I am a two female electricians with over 22 years in this industry, I am always adding to this site, visit often. It is intended to assist, educate and inform others about the world of women in the construction industry. All books that we link you to are in association with you have any feedback or questions, please email us at ..Please make any comments, wishes, let us know about disconnected links and any new links to great associated sites that you suggest for us ....please, spread the word to your other lady coworkers and interested proteges, let's network!!!!!!!!

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