Women in Construction Recommended Book List

Book-"Unlocking the Clubhouse" by Jane Margolis: When there were no opportunities for women in the sciences, it was assumed they had no aptitude for the work.
"Why So Slow?"-Book by Virginia Valian: A scholarly and convincing explanation of women's slow progress in the professions
and ain't i a woman?: Women, unions and discrimination: After a safety incident, where a rag in a worker's pocket nearly pulled him into a fan, I decided to do something about my ill-fitting clothes.
Virtual Gender: Technology, Consumption and Identity Matters: Book-Women--Effect of technological advances on.
"Blue Collar Women Trailblazing Women take Men Only Jobs": Book-Great Inside Thoughts
"Alone in a Crowd-Women in Trades Tell Their Story": Book about more experiences in our trade.
"A Mouthful of Rivets": Book-Wonderful depiction of the brave women who worked during the war in "Men's Jobs"
"We'll Call You If We Need You": Book- Women working construction have more obstacles.
"Bitter Choices": Book- check out the description on the link.
"Pioneering:Poems from the Construction Site": Book of applicable poetry-written by a tradeswoman
"Hard-Hatted Women": Book- Women oriented construction stories
Electrician's Guide to Conduit Bending: Very handy and must-have book!-by Richard A. Cox
National Electric Code 2002: book-The single most important reference in the electrical industry.
Synergy Books, ebooks online: One of our sisters has written an ebook about what it's like out there in the sheetmetal world, I can't wait to read this!

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