Not all of us were able to go and pay our last respects to this quiet and most often smiling guy, but it doesn't mean that he wasn't on our minds and in our prayers recently as he fought his short but personal battle with a disease that has no discriminations as far as which people it hits. Rich, poor, kind and gentle people and even babies, it strikes us at any time. Our prayers continued during the dark days for Mary, all members of Butch's family and all of his friends. 17 of us shop 51-ers got together for dinner last summer in Tacoma, we were honored to count among our numbers, Butch and Mary Johnston. We are thankful that you got to be there with us just one more time. I remember Mary all the way from my very first week at Mare Island in Novemeber of 1980 in shop 51 personnel. I was a brand spanking new apprentice, and she took care of time-keeping for our apprentice class. I never did work for Butch, but everyone knew him. All you ever saw was a smile as far as I can remember. We know he is in a better place than we are now, and he's with our other fallen members, I hope they save a place up there for us, we will meet again you guys and gals, don't forget us, because we will never forget you. This week a tragedy occurred, because we also lost Mary, to the same enemy that we somehow seem to hear so often about amongst our dwindling members.....Peace be with you both. God Bless You. We will miss you and we will remember you. -written by Barbara Adams X51 Mare Island Naval Shipyard Journeyman Marine Electrician

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